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Partner Producers

High-quality food can be traced back to a series of good decisions.

“Globally, food is the biggest industry, and that’s why it’s important to question the energies behind it,” says trained butcher and renowned organic visionary Ludwig Schweisfurth.

Without good products, you can’t have good cuisine. And because everything at the Gralhof tastes so good, and because we could never live up to our high standards without help, we would like to thank our partner producers. 👏 It is only with their assistance that we can provide everything you need and want during your vacation.

Below, we highlight some of our most important partners:

Haus Jakober from Neusach

Our neighbor in Neusach with the finest yogurt, cream cheese, and milk.

The Sommeregger Family from Spittal

Potatoes, different types of flour (for our delicious Gralhof bread), and an array of vegetables.

The Farthofer Family from Mauer-Öhling

A superb distillery that also makes incredible ciders.

Josef Zotter from Bergl in Styria

Magnificent chocolates and sweets of all kinds. Organic snack cuisine.

Gusswerk Brewery from Hof bei Salzburg

An award-winning Austrian organic brewery.