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Trust is good. Certification is better.

Steadfast environmental improvements don’t result in trade-offs, they create value. This approach has taken us a long way — and we even write with sustainable pens!

The Gralhof has been an official BIO Hotel since 2007.

Michael and Corinna Knaller in 2007 with the official BIO Hotel insignia.

Since 2007 the Gralhof has proudly displayed the BIO Hotel certification, which recognizes companies that have a different, sustainable way of doing business.

All food at the Gralhof is produced through certified organic agriculture, and our entire range of cosmetics — shampoo, soap, and sauna oils — are certified organic products. We use green electricity and only recycled paper or paper from sustainably managed forests — the minimum requirements for sustainability.

Regular strict controls ensure careful attention to ongoing quality and compliance with the Bio Hotel guidelines.