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Our Own Products

It’s up to us to make things that don’t just taste good but are good, from home-baked bread to jams and sausages or any of the many other quality foods we make ourselves.

And even if we don’t produce something on our own farm, everything we use and serve is equally organic and local — right from the region to your plate. Find out more about our partner producers here.

Christian Knaller heading out to mow.

Christian Knaller heading out to mow.

From the very beginning, the Gralhof has always been, at its core, purely a farm. This enables us to make a great deal of our food ourselves, including a variety of juices and syrups, home-baked bread, veal and beef, bacon, sausages, salami, jams, and herbs from the garden.

As a result, you can not only see, smell, and experience the Weissensee Nature Park and the Gralhof, but you can also taste it. And, perhaps best of all, this means no transportation is involved in our food production — a natural and crucial aspect of sustainability.