The Knaller family

The way into the future will always be a view into the past, says Chrischtl Knaller

Before taking over Gralhof, Michael Knaller studied contrabass and electric bass at the Viennese music conservatory. Descending of his passion Michael often invites musicians and friends to perform at Gralhof’s famous cultural event „Jazz unterm Birnbaum“ (Jazz under the pear tree). Michael and Corinna Knaller took over Gralhof in 2006 from Michael’s parents Chrischtl & Gretl Knaller.


Chrischtl Knaller enjoys to guide guests on hiking tours up on the mountains around Lake Weissensee. In fall you will be able to attend song recital evenings and lectures of Austrian composers, such as Schubert and others with Chrischtl & Gretl Knaller. For many years Gretl Knaller was the chef in the kitchen and responsible for its quality. Today Gretl and Chrischtl enjoy their well deserved retirement. But they still are a very close and important part of Gralhof.


Daughter Almut Knaller manages „Naggleralm“, a chalet on a mountain not far away from Gralhof. Starting at the valley station you can reach Naggleralm either by foot, with a mountainbike or with the gondola lift. No matter if summer or winter, you are always welcome by Almut & Gerjan and the Naggleralm Team.