About Gralhof

Only a few can look farther than their eyes. You say, close your eyes. Keep them shut for a moment. You say, even if you keep them closed it is still beautiful.

It has always been the whole family, who planned the way and made decisions for the future. After all, this has been the Knaller family’s way since 500 years.


A method, which lead to the fact that this 80 hectare (200 acre) land of meadows and forests of this part at Lake Weissensee have been honored by the Austrian Climate Alliance. Since 2007 Gralhof is also proud to hold a certificate of BIO-Hotels. Since 2009 the electricity at Gralhof has been ecological. The knowledge about sustainability and new economical paths further lead to the ehc certificate. A certificate which focuses on ecological thinking, acting and managing.


Today Michael and Corinna Knaller are leading Gralhof with heart’s blood and a lot of spirit, supported by their family and dedicated employees.